Organizations across campus compete for student fees

The Student Fees Advisory Committee will hold scheduled presentations from more than thirty organizations from Tuesday to Nov. 11 in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Rotunda Meeting Room.

Every group that appeals for funding from the $20 million pool of student fees must go through an extensive preparatory process. This includes a lengthy questionnaire of goals, financial projections, itemized breakdowns, justifications, outcome assessments and marketing plans, among many other details that will be thoroughly discussed before receiving a recommendation from the committee. This recommendation can come in the form of a base, one-time, or base budget augmentation allocation.

The organizations include The Daily Cougar, Student Government Association, Counseling and Psychological Services and Blaffer Art Museum.

The presentations are open to the public, and the committee will allot time for a public forum on issues discussed. More information can be found at www.uh.edu/sfac.

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