Singer from The Voice brings lunchtime performance

Students lingered outside the University Center Satellite to listen to celebrity musician Caroline Glaser as she sang and played mellow rhythms on her acoustic guitar.

Glaser, who competed on season four of “The Voice,” captured the students with her warm voice and all-American charm during her lunchtime performance sponsored by Student Program Board on Friday afternoon. Students were surprised and enjoyed songs during their break between classes.

For nutrition junior Tabitha Aviles, the combination of great talent and weather made for an ideal situation for outdoor festivities.

“I felt like the whole performance was perfect for the scenery that’s going on right now. I mean it’s Friday — it’s very chill and laid back,” Aviles said. “It’s just an awesome, cute little performance.”

SPB has worked to bring performers to campus for all students to enjoy and unwind after a long day of classes and studies. Jamie San Pedro, the officer of marketing and recruitment for the Concerts Committee, hopes that these concerts will attract more students and help ease the stress of college life.

“UH is a really big commuter school, so despite whether you live on campus or not, it’s really nice when you’re grabbing a bite to eat to listen to some really good music,” San Pedro said. “It’s relaxing. It’s an ease to your ears. It’s so soothing.”

Being in a college environment was nostalgic for Glaser. She enjoyed sharing her gift of song with the UH community, and although she didn’t complete her studies, she enjoyed the college setting.

“I felt good about (the performance). I was only in college for four or five weeks, so it’s cool being in the atmosphere again. It kind of makes me miss school,” Glaser said. 

The performance seemed to end almost as quickly as it started, but Aviles’ sentiments still echoed.

“You have nothing to lose. You’re pretty much being serenaded while you eat your food. It’s a win-win,” Aviles said.

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