Students craft cards for heroes


Students wrote thank-you cards to show appreciation and support for veterans on Monday at Lynn Eusan Park in honor of Veterans Day. Counseling and Psychological Services encourages students to continue making cards, which will be delivered to veterans on Thanksgiving. | Sabrina Lloyd/The Daily Cougar

Students showed their appreciation and support for service members past and present by making thank-you cards that will be hand-delivered to veterans in the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, a hospital dedicated to providing veterans with quality health care services.

Counseling and Psychological Services Outreach Coordinator Thomandra Sam hosted the card-making event Monday at Lynn Eusan Park. She wanted students not only to be aware of Veterans Day but to be proactive in showing appreciation for veterans’ services.

“I think it is important we think about veterans as well as their families,” Sam said. “Some veterans don’t have close families or a close support system, and making thank-you cards is a great way to let them know that they are part of our American family.”

Aside from supporting veterans off campus, Sam wanted to spread the word that CAPS is available to support student veterans and offers services specifically designated for them.

“For every different ROTC on campus, we have a different CAPS liaison,” said Sam. “We also work very closely with the Veterans Service Office and support their needs in any way we can.”

CAPS staff psychologist Jennifer Smith encouraged students to make cards in other languages, especially Spanish. She wanted veterans to receive a card in their native tongue or in a language that was spoken in a country where they were stationed.

“If we can spend time and energy to do small things, like make cards, it helps us show them that they are in our hearts and we are thinking about them,” Smith said. “They have given their life and made huge sacrifices for us, and it’s the least we can do.”

For graphic communications sophomore Courtney Stansell, the act of making thank-you cards proved to be very emotional. She said she has had many close friends and mentors in the service and is amazed at how fearless they can be while defending our country.

“It is comforting and inspiring to know there are people out there right now who are willing to die for our country, and I think it’s up to us to show them that they are appreciated,” Stansell said. “I have wanted to enlist since high school, and as soon as I graduate, I plan on joining the Marines or Army. I need to do my part.”

The cards will be delivered on Thanksgiving, and students are encouraged to continue making cards and drop them off at CAPS.

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