Campaign promotes humanity, compassion


Students passed out thousands of water bottles to promote values of the Who is Hussain campaign. | Courtesy of Romana Fatima

Students hosted a campaign on Dec. 3 to encourage humanity, harmony, integrity and honor through the story of Hussain.

Based on a London campaign, “Save Muslim Heritage,” the Who Is Hussain campaign promotes love, compassion and integrity.

In 680 AD, Hussain, the Father of Freedom, sacrificed to defend the oppressed people against 30,000 people in modern-day Iraq. The campaign highlights Hussain’s act of selflessness and hopes to inspire millions.

“Students passed out 1,200 free bottled waters around campus to ignite an awareness about the grandson, Hussain, of the Holy Prophet Mohammed of Islam,” said Romana Fatima, a member of the World Affairs Council.

The campaign is not about personal beliefs or social class but instead about collective humanity, common cause and the prospect of the beautiful, compassionate world, according to the Who is Hussain website.

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