UH nominated for Shorty Award

TWEET BOXNominated for diversity, student and faculty support, excellent education and more, UH is competing against hundreds of universities for the Shorty Award for Social Media’s Best Barnes & Noble College campus, and voting ends on Tuesday.

The sixth annual Shorty Awards recognizes the use of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, in educational systems. Created by Barnes & Noble College, the Shorty Award emphasizes the power of social media at universities.

The #BNCollege Award is presented to the university that most successfully engages the community through social media. During the fifth annual Shorty Awards, more than 2 million tweet nominations were submitted.

In a Shorty Awards interview, the person who runs the UHouston Twitter account said UH prides its new social media interaction with students through Snapchat.

This year, the competition has sparked hundreds of tweets from proud Cougars and alumni, who “bleed red” with pride and spirit.

As of Monday evening, UH is tied with Texas Tech for first place with 180 nominations. Illinois State University, Rowan University, Binghamton University and Boston University trail in the top five, in that order.


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