‘Greatest college show’ presents history of fiestas


Distinguished alumnus Welcome Wilson Sr. excited the audience during a tour of Frontier Fiesta’s “The Greatest College Show on Earth” exhibition on Tuesday in the M.D. Anderson Library. | Justin Tijerina/The Daily Cougar

Attendees had the opportunity to see some of the historical items from Frontier Fiesta, interact with Frontier Fiesta alumni and hear from Welcome Wilson Sr. and Frontier Fiesta Chairman Hunter Lewis.

Students, staff and alumni attended the Frontier Fiesta opening reception for a new exhibit titled “Frontier Fiesta: The Greatest College Show on Earth” on Tuesday afternoon at the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library.

“What I’m looking forward to at Frontier Fiesta is the amount of collaborations that we utilized this year,” Lewis said.

“I think the biggest example of that is our collaboration with the Student Program Board to bring B.O.B. up front Friday night. Hard work, negotiations and lots of people came together to make that happen. We’re really excited about it.”

In addition to the concerts, Frontier Fiesta involves UH’s smaller organizations, like the University Center staff.

“The collaboration between (Student Housing and Residential Life) and the University Center staff to put out Coog Casino is a really cool event that happens every year. It’s really great when we can bring people together and have a great time and succeed together. I think that’s what we’re most proud of,” Lewis said.

Public relations alumnus Chase Pedigo said he considers the Frontier Fiesta tradition a way to express school spirit and connect with alumni.

“The event is like a mini version of the Houston Livestock Rodeo show, but with smaller rides,” Pedigo said.

The Council of Ethnic Organizations plans to showcase various cultures by including food and activities that represent them.

CEO Cultural Program Director and kinesiology junior Jimmy Mai said that this year, CEO hopes for the event to be more inclusive to all students instead of just fraternity and sorority organizations.

“It’s trying to be more student-based this year. The CEO are going to be highlighting the countries Chile, South Korea and Jamaica, so be sure to check that out,” Mai said.

“For Chile Thursday, we’re going to get some foosball, and for Friday — South Korea day — we’re going to be making Korean sushi and Korean shaved ice. Saturday, it’s Jamaica, and we’re doing jerk chicken. There’s going to be a big student center which students can go to even if they’re not in a fraternity or sorority, so it’s more inclusive for the students this year.”

Hotel and restaurant management junior Shining Wang said she feels excited for the event because of the history behind it.

“I’m so excited. I got really excited for this around the time of late last semester, when I had the chance to sit in on one of their interviews for the post board members,” Wang said.

“It was … really spur of the moment, but it was cool since they brought in old yearbooks. It was my first eye-opening experience. It had so much history and even beard contests — they’re crazy looking. It’s unique to UH but open to all of Houston.”

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