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President-elect in clear, charges struck down

All of the potential Class A violations against Student Government Association President-elect Charles Haston were found unmerited by the SGA Court of Appeals Tuesday evening, according to a court document posted outside of the SGA office.

Allegations that Haston had violated the Student Code of Conduct and the Texas Penal Code for shouting expletives at the members of the Election Commission on Feb. 21 were denied on several fronts. Some of the allegations were struck down for their “irrelevant” nature. The case for mental or bodily harm under section 3.17 of the code was denied on the grounds that his actions were not premeditated.

“The case of purpose is unsubstantiated,” according to the Court ruling. “Since the incident only occurred once nor was possibility of bodily harm ever called into question, we see no reason the defendants, and by extension the election commission, would be able to claim their mental or physical well-being were jeopardized.”

A violation of Texas Penal Code is under the jurisdiction of city officials and the Dean of Students, thus the SGA Court of Appeals could not rule on this part of the complaint, according to Court ruling.

Roberto Martinez III, vice presidential candidate of The “We” Party, originally filed the complaints with the SGA Attorney General David Ghably on March 3. They were found unmerited by Ghably, so Martinez and his presidential running mate, Naeem Abdullah, filed with the SGA Court of Appeals on March 21.

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  • Can we discuss the fact that neither Naeem Abdullah nor Roberto Martinez III were present during the incident and effectively filed a complaint based on hearsay?

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