Cougars to glow, groove before finals


The Student Program Board is hosting its second annual SpringFest Glowout from 8 p.m. to midnight on Wednesday at Lynn Eusan Park to help students relax before finals. | Fernando Castaldi/The Daily Cougar

Beams of colors will highlight the campus as students prepare for the second annual SpringFest Glowout.

The Student Program Board will host SpringFest from 8 p.m. to midnight at Lynn Eusan Park.

“Since the school year is almost over and finals are coming up, we wanted to give the students a last hurrah to keep their spirits up,” said SPB late nights and weekends chair Ody Ezeigwe.

“For some students, they have the most fun during the school year,” Ezeigwe said. “Therefore, this is my way of ending off everyone’s year in a good note.”

Students will have opportunities to dance, get a rare Cougar Trading Card, compete in a glow capture-the-flag game, play laser tag and listen to music from a professional DJ.

SPB will host a master class earlier in the day, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the UC Circle Drive.

Students will get a chance to learn how to DJ, and the two best imitators will be given a 20-minute set to perform during the event, Ezeigwe said.

“We will also be giving away free food, T-shirts and glow novelties such as LED foam sticks, LED glasses and gloves, and glow sticks,” said SpringFest Glowout committee member Meera Norton.

The Glowout took months of planning, said Phina Uzowulu, another committee member.

“Coming up with an idea students will get excited about is only the beginning,” Uzowulu said. “Different aspects include marketing, logistics and just bringing everything together.”

The Glowout is intended to be an effective stress-relieving event, Norton said.

“SpringFest is during Stress Free Finals Week,” Uzowulu said. “The school hosts a couple of events to allow students to relax a bit in the midst of stressful finals. SpringFest will allow students who have been studying all week to let their hair down a little and have some fun.”

Students aren’t the only ones who will get an opportunity to enjoy themselves. Uzowulu said she is also looking forward to the opportunity to dance, since she lives on campus without a car.

“I’m looking forward to covering myself with the glow necklaces, bracelets, paint and LED gloves and glasses,” Ezeigwe said. “That way I can walk around campus and tell students, ‘party at the park,’ and they would just … get in on the fun too.”

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