UH ranked as one of top institutions for international students

UH was ranked No. 26 among the Institute of International Education’s “Top Institutions in the U.S. with the Most International Students.” UH’s large international population is an aspect at the school that some are not aware of.

Programs like the Office of International Student and Scholar Services and the Language and Culture Center cater to students from other countries. Despite the number of programs for international students, students have struggled with adapting to the campus. Political science senior Estefania Rodriguez-Gutierrez has had first-hand experience with struggling to adjust to the culture on campus and Houston life.

“I don’t think UH and the Houston area embrace (their) international students very well,” Gutierrez said. “I am Peruvian, and most programs here are for the majority international groups like Asians and Mexicans. Also, I think (American) students on campus really need to embrace international students more than they have.”

Although Gutierrez has had frustrations with the response to international students at UH, she’s also found organizations that embrace her as well.

“I’m a leader in AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences) Houston, and that’s given me the opportunity to meet American students interested in international studies and other international students,” Gutierrez said. “It was pretty cool to know about and be a part of an organization that is interested in things like that.”

The international population at UH includes students from all over the world. In 2013, 9.4 percent of UH students were international, with the highest number of students from China.

“It was a little intimidating to come to such a huge school,” Brazilian business junior Annah Chulam said. “The school has programs, but they aren’t offered on a platter to you. I’ve adapted well because I was able to find out more about what the school had to offer and the various organizations on campus.”

Both students feel that a big part of finding success at UH is to be open to meeting new people.

“I would advise new international students to get out there, and don’t be afraid,” Chulam said. “School can’t create the experience for you, you have to make it for yourself.”

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