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Surf Houston history with UH’s digital archives

M.D. Anderson Memorial Library is the most well-known library on campus, followed by the Architecture and Arts libraries. What most students may not know is that UH hosts a digital library as well.

UH’s digital archive is a collection of pictures from historical events on campus, around the Houston community and in the general area of Texas. Several collections are readily available for academic or leisurely viewing, ranging from local arts to historic Houston buildings and prominent Texas women.

The latest post on an accompanying blog highlights aviator Katherine Stinson, an important figure in Texas women’s history.

Additionally, the archives are accompanied by an internet cafe that encourages downloading images to add a special touch to presentations or projects, with themes including sports and transportation that allow for quick research.

Current collection highlights include memorabilia of H.A.W.K., a member of DJ Screw’s crew; architectural drawings of Donald Barthelme Sr, the first Houston architect to gain national prominence; and photos of Leonor Villegas de Magnon Papers, who was an early female activist for Mexican-Americans.

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