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Five majors that should have a graduate degree

Thousands of career paths and education options are open to explore after completing your undergraduate degree, but there are still a few majors that haven’t made the graduate school cut.

These majors are quirky, unique and only available as undergraduate degrees. Whether it’s a master’s in wine tasting or a doctorate degree in lawn care, these majors should to have higher-education status.

Fermentation Services

Only available at Appalachian State University, the listed description for this bachelors of science is “an interdisciplinary degree within the College of Arts and Sciences intended to provide students with a strong background in chemistry and biology and a considerable focus in business, marketing, and entrepreneurial principles.”

So it’s more than just fancy brewing methods. If this major had a graduate degree we would probably all be thankful that our craft drafts were handled by someone with a master’s degree.


Sure, they have a “performing arts” graduate program, but comedy is its own genre and deserves its own degree. This major is unique to Humber College in Ontario, and specializes in a variety of studies including how to manage a crowd, comedic timing, improv and stand-up. America would be more hilarious if comedians could prove their hilarity with a doctorate.

Popular Culture

Contrary to what you may think about this major, it has a greater purpose than giving students an excuse to watch Netflix for homework. According to Bowling Green State University’s description of this major, “examining television programs, movies, cars, houses, music, museums, celebratory events, holidays, magazines and many other manifestations of culture, insights can be used to examine society presently and historically.”

This strangely specific major would make a great graduate program that would realistically provide insight into media studies.

Entertainment Engineering and Design

This one’s only available as an undergraduate program at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Its core study involves learning how the entertainment and casino industry operates. It takes students from the ground up into learning the behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry. So take heed, graduate programs; you don’t want billion-dollar gamblers rolling the roulette on a machine made by someone without a higher degree.


Food tasting at its finest. This program, developed and offered by the University of New Hampshire, takes an in-depth look at how food gets from the farms to the table. Its central focus is on sustainability and the environmental impact of food growing and consumption. With a few people owning master’s degrees in ecogastronomy, our plates would definitely be filled with more organic food and less chemically-enhanced fare.

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