For internet famous UH students, life can sometimes be ‘on autopilot’

Gerald Sastra/The Cougar

Gerald Sastra/The Cougar

Students at UH, no matter how hectic life may get, are passionate about their work and the internet content they produce. Some students use YouTube as their platform of choice.

Finance junior Chris Alia’s self-titled channel is a business and fashion centered platform. From tour merchandise reviews to how to grow a passive income, Alia exudes his two niches in all of his content.

Alia, an avid Travis Scott fan, uploaded a video discussing the rapper’s and Playboi Carti’s merchandise that garnered 13,000 view and now has over 2,000 subscribers on the channel.

Alia owns a fashion brand with his girlfriend called Bourdier Fashion. Bourdier was launched after their fashion-centered TikTok video went viral over the summer, Alia said.

“I’m kind of on autopilot,” Alia said. “Since I enjoy what I’m doing, it doesn’t really feel like work.”

Kristen Laygan, an advertising senior, has her own YouTube channel with the same outlook on time management. 

“I have like three planners, two calendars … I have a schedule for everything and it makes me feel so good when I get stuff done because I love the stuff I do,” Laygan said.

Laygan is both a YouTuber and on TikTok, with over 400,000 likes on TikTok and hundreds of views on her channel.

On YouTube, Laygan makes content for her fellow Asian American audience, she said, with a special focus on content for Filipinos.

Laygan’s channel is consisted of video blogs called vlogs, and both Alia and Laygan have UH related content on their channels.

Both content creators have done a video where they walk through a day in their life, which helps them gain exposure to the campus and a typical college schedule. 

With the pandemic bringing around unprecedented opportunities, Alia and Laygan both use their platform to express their creativity and engage with fellow UH students, they said.

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