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UHin4: Breakdown of UH’s four-year graduation program

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At orientation, freshmen and incoming students learn about a program called UHin4. There is a presentation given where these students are encouraged to take part, but don’t always know what it is.

Beginning in 2014, the program was developed by the University to have students graduate in four years’ time. With that, UH gives access to a variety of resources for UHin4 students, like priority enrollment, academic maps, course availability and the option to opt-in for the fixed-rate tuition plan.  

University administrators started the program to simplify the college process, while also maintaining high quality and affordable tuition. 

“Through this program, you will receive resources to help you identify and pursue a clear path for graduating in a timely manner,” said Paula Myrick Short, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in her opening note for UHin4. “This includes four-year academic maps, degree progress tools and a fixed tuition option to assist with planning and budgeting.”

While in UHin4, students will be required to take 30 credit hours per year. If the degree plan is 120 hours, they’ll need to meet an academic adviser every semester. This includes following the course sequence in the academic maps and remaining in good academic standing- or maintain a 2.00 GPA or above. 

UHin4 perks

The optional program gives students access to priority enrollment. This is a week before other students of the same classification.

Marketing senior Nina Joseph said she liked the priority enrollment component of the program.

“I feel like there’s not much to lose here,” Joseph said. “The main benefit to me was picking classes early because classes fill up so fast. I rarely ever had situations where I didn’t get the class I wanted, and the 15 credit hours were very manageable in my opinion.”

The academic maps make course planning easier for most students as well, by telling UHin4 students exactly when to take each course in order to graduate in four years. The maps don’t include any sort of summer courses.

While tuition changes for almost every entering freshman class, your tuition will remain the same throughout all four years if you choose to opt into UHin4. The rate varies for each college though, so be sure to check what your specific college’s fixed tuition rate would be. 

To remain in the program, it is a requirement for students to complete 15 credit hours a semester, and 30 credit hours per academic year. Not meeting that requirement could result in you being dropped from the program. 

Transfer students are eligible for the program too. As long as they start at the University with less than 30 credit hours. 

The program is not a requirement. If 15 credit hours a semester and academic maps seem daunting or inflexible with your schedule, that is absolutely fine. Move at your own pace!

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