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Simple Friendsgiving dishes to prepare


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With the end of the semester drawing closer each day and Thanksgiving break just weeks away, participating in Friendsgiving allows students to take some stress out of the hectic holidays.

The task of creating an entire dinner may seem awful, but here are five simple recipes to add to the menu or bring as a side to someone else’s Friendsgiving!

Charcuterie board

Starting off simple, charcuterie boards make for a great appetizer or an easy option for a leisurely Friendsgiving. Although an impressive task, there are many ways to simplify charcuterie boards by just combining meat, cheese, fruits, crackers and more endless options to satisfy all of the guests.

Green bean casserole

One of the easiest and most well-known holiday dishes is a green bean casserole. This typically consists of green beans, cream of mushroom soup and fried onions. This dish takes around ten minutes to prepare and can easily be cooked in the oven while you finalize any other sides.

Bacon-wrapped sweet potato bites

While these take nearly an hour to cook, the little preparation makes these bites an easy dish to pop in the oven while finishing up any other food or decoration prepping. Consisting of sweet potatoes, bacon and a few seasonings, these can be served with maple syrup for a sweeter addition to the dinner.

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

A personal favorite to many students; marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes. This is a great mix of sweet and savory with not much work required to make them. This dish consists of only a few more ingredients than what is in the name and Pillsbury lays out one of the easiest ways to make this.

Mini pies

For dessert, try purchasing pre-made pie crust and then prepping different fillings, such as pumpkin, cherry and apple. Using a cupcake tin to bake the crust, the guests can choose one or a few fillings they would like for the dessert, making everyone satisfied and leaving no room for a fight over one flavor. This is an easy way for guests to customize the desserts without having to bake too many.

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