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Dear Denise 6: study tips for finals, friendship

Dear Denise: study tips for finals, is my hair real?

Jose Gonzalez-Campelo/The Cougar

In The Cougar’s weekly anonymous advice column, I talk about finals season and friendships.  To submit your questions for future issues, click the Dear Denise button on our home page.

Dear Denise now that Halloween is over the only thing I have to look forward to doing is finals. What are some study tips you have for the student body at large?

Ugh please don’t remind me. Finals season is right around the corner and honestly, I’m not prepared at all. In my experience, starting your studying early is always the best bet. If your professors have provided final exam breakdowns or study guides, start them as soon as possible. When working on the reviews, make sure you have little distractions near you and try to absorb the material to increase your studying success.

I hope you were able to enjoy your Halloween! I know that there are always a lot of parties and fun activities to participate in during that holiday. I would advise you to find something else to look forward to. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas will be here before you know it! Maybe start working on your wish list for Santa?   

I just had a terrible experience with a new friend should I drop them? I think they’re cool, but should I give them another chance?

I’m sorry to hear that. Making and retaining friends is so hard in college. If this person matters to you, which I assume they do, I think you should give them another chance.

This question was perfectly timed because I was listening to a podcast about adult friendships and conflict the other day. In the episode, they said it’s healthy to have conflict in friendships when the issues are addressed. Your relationship as friends may grow stronger because you took the time to explain how the incident made you feel and took the time to understand the other person’s point of view.

I am definitely not a perfect friend, but I truly love the relationships I do have and strive to keep them healthy.

 Is your hair real? Be for real right now.

 What type of question is this? I wish you could see me right now. I’m laughing so hard.

Yes, my hair is real. I have locs, a hairstyle typically worn by Black women and men with thicker hair types. I started growing them out in my 6th-grade year, so it has been a while! I love talking about my hair so let me know if you have any other questions.  

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