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Creepy love tale engages

Adam Rapp’s Red Light Winter, playing at Frenetic Theatre, engages viewers with a depressing romance between a reclusive playwright and a glamorous hooker with a troubled past.

The play focuses on antihero Matt, played by Troy Schulze ‘- a seasoned veteran of all things quirky in theatre.

Matt is a playwright who has not been intimate with a woman in more than three years. He and his friend, Davis, played by Drake Simpson, are staying in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Matt had previously been in love with a woman, but she ended up leaving him for Davis.

Davis hires a prostitute, Christina, from the streets of Amsterdam to be with Matt.

Christina’s character is no average hooker, but rather a mysterious French runaway, played by blonde beauty Amy Burn.

Matt is so deeply taken with Christina that he transposes sexual release into love and cringingly obsesses over her thereafter.

Frenetic Theatre is located in a warehouse at the east end of Houston, nestled in between a collection of antiquated homes with duct tape windows and various Mexican restaurants in the Warehouse District.

Undaunted by the quirky neighborhood, Horse Head Theatre Company stepped into Houston’s burgeoning alternative and innovative theatre scene with Red Light Winter.

Founders of Horse Head Theatre Company include UH School of Theatre & Dance Technical Director Anthony Contello. Kevin Holden directs this prostitute love story.

Be aware that this production features nudity, smoking on stage and plenty of adult concepts not intended for those who are easily offended.

Student discounts will be available on Oct. 8, 9 and 10. Read more about Horse Head Theatre Company at

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