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Monday, September 25, 2023

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New ‘Vice’ takes campus by storm

UH has fallen victim to the vices inside 90210 and Melrose Place.’

Full of sin, lust and guilt-free pleasures, the CW network’s television programs have not only intrigued, but have brought this generation’s fans out of their comfort zone and into the realm of UH Vice.

For the past two weeks, five extraordinary Cougars embarked on a public relations campaign for the Public Relations Student Society of America. Affiliated with the CW, the campaign was designed to spread awareness of the two television series.

‘People want experience for everything, so this is a great opportunity ‘hellip; to get involved,’ PRSSA member Raquel Gonzalez said.

Each of the five public relations seniors became involved with PRSSA in March 2008. They said they took advantage of the opportunity to work with the campaign as soon as it was offered.

President-elect Taylor Martin said that they first spread out fliers which read ‘M’eacute;nage a Tues,’ and ‘UH Has A New Vice,’ to capture intrigue on campus. With their target audience being primarily young women, especially from sororities, Chi Omega immediately signed on.

‘ The Chi Omega girls were told to get into groups of five to participate in a scandalous scavenger hunt that lasted from Sept. 29 through Tuesday.

‘We offered the scavenger hunt to all sororities on campus and Chi Omega responded,’ Martin said. ‘Our goal was to get the girls familiar with what types of fashion (are) in 90210 and Melrose Place, and what the shows are about.’

‘For example, there are things on campus that are similar to things on 90210. The Den, for example, reminds us of the Peach Pit, which is a hang-out spot on the show.’

On Sept. 29, UH Vice held a viewing party of the two shows in The Den. According to the girls, it was a successful part of their campaign and increased awareness of the television shows to their target audience.’

The CW campaign was offered to all PRSSA groups around the nation. The team that is most successful in creating awareness through campaigning would not only win a scholarship, but also a chance to meet the cast and help plan their media tour.’

‘Even if we don’t win it will be a huge opportunity to have the experience; but winning would definitely open up our opportunities and give us all a chance to gain more from this campaign,’ Martin said. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

‘ ‘If we won based on our research, especially since we’re trying to become a flagship university, it would show that we are doing more than what other (flagship) universities are doing,’ PRSSA member Samantha Johnson said. ‘The communication school at UH isn’t very well known and this would help make others become more aware of what we can do.’

PRSSA helps establish internship opportunities for its members. Past members have worked with the Houston Dynamo, and the current vice president of events and fundraising, Aurora Castellano, is currently interning with CBS radio.

The girls are hoping to use the experience from PRSSA and the CW campaign to launch careers in event planning as well as in advertising.

‘We’ve learned a lot about legalities through the contracts of what we can and can’t do. We’ve become very aware of what the University of Houston will allow, which I think is great to realize,’ Gonzalez said. ‘We’ve also realized more about research and how important it is to gear our promotions towards a specific target.”

A fashion soiree from 2-7 p.m. today at the Langford Market Boutique on 2517 University Blvd will end the campaign. Any student mentioning UH Vice will receive 25 percent off of anything in the store.

The girls are in the process of presenting chic clothes from boutiques, such as Mint, that represent the type of clothing seen on both series. Johnson also said they’ are planning to have’ local celebrities attend the event.’

The top three contestants will be announced during the PRSSA awards Nov. 9 in San Diego.’

Even if the girls of PRSSA do not win first place, they will receive certificates and experience applicable toward their future careers.

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