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Letter from the managing editor

Between post-graduation ceremonies and pre-summer session is an awkward time. Parts of the campus are closed and you are likely to get away with parking on campus without a permit. But there are undeniable hotspots on campus that are working harder than ever.

  1. The president’s office and the office of academic affairs. President and Chancellor Renu Khator and Interim Provost Paula Short flooded our inboxes recently with emails about the restructuring of the office of academic affairs. Though these plans have been in the works for who knows how long, the two power house women broke the news to the UH community a few days after graduation.
  2. Cougar athletics. While students and professors have packed up the classrooms, coaches and athletes were still in win-mode after finals. The softball and baseball seasons had yet to be wrapped up and there has been breaking football news to speak of.
  3. Oh, and then there is us. As you can see, UH doesn’t necessarily take a summer break. Therefore, the ambitious staff and editorial board of The Daily Cougar doesn’t either. When UH makes a move, we will be right there to cover it.

This awkward break ends with the start of the first summer session on June 3 and starting this week The Daily Cougar will be printed on Wednesdays and an email edition will be sent out on Mondays to subscribers.

–Natalie Harms, Managing editor

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