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Letter from the Editor: Change isn’t always a bad thing


The last print edition of The Daily Cougar ran on April 29, 2014. This year, The Daily Cougar moves to a “print weekly, digital daily” format and returns as The Cougar. | File photo/The Cougar

This year houses many anniversaries: some meaningful, some wildly insignificant.

Fifty years ago, the world’s first Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly lines in Detroit; a decade ago, Janet Jackson managed to entice more men during Superbowl XXXVIII’s halftime show than the actual game. 87 years ago, Houston Junior College opened its doors to the Bayou City’s working class; seven years later, HISD’s Board of Education approved the junior college’s eligibility to become a four-year institution, and the University of Houston was born.

In 1928, The Cougar became Houston Junior College’s  student publication, to later become a daily publication. After roughly 50 years of tirelessly serving the UH community, The Daily Cougar is no more, as you’ll notice our masthead is 33 percent smaller and 100 percent different. It’s 2014, and there’s a new tradition to get excited about—the return of The Cougar, and the first year of what this has all been building up to.

You might have heard that the publication dedicated to delivering accurate, relevant news to Cougars and Houstonians alike had disappeared. The news is in, and this paper should serve as evidence that such rumors are simply that: rumors. The Cougar is alive and well, albeit in some new packaging, but the one thing that will continue to remain for our 86th year as UH’s premiere student paper is our relentless passion for this University and its students, faculty and alumni.

The switch from operating as a daily print paper to a print weekly, digital daily publication has been in the pipeline for a couple years now. In large part, it’s a result of changing trends in how readers gather and process news. We’ve completely overhauled both our print and web products, both of which will report on the news as well as the kind of news you care about in creative and compelling formats. Be sure to bookmark on your browser, as we’ll still be delivering high-quality content seven days a week.

It’s my sincere hope that you draw equal amounts of satisfaction from our web and print products. In the latter, you can expect to see us delivering more analytical, thought-provoking pieces (bear with us while we flex our bushy-tailed longform muscles).

We’re going to work consistently to produce the publication that you, the UH community, rightfully deserves: one that’s visually stunning, compelling and filled with content you need to read. Look forward to each Wednesday as we publish a newspaper you can keep on the coffee table throughout the week. I will personally strive to make it one that encourages informed discourse, as well as one that serves as a platform for the voices of this University.

It’s the first year of The Cougar—not technically, but you know what I’m getting at. I speak for all who are a part of this organization when I say that this paper and all to follow are ones we are thrilled to present to you. It’s been an electric ride getting to this point, and I encourage you to stay onboard for more.

-Cara Smith, Editor in chief


  • These young students are never going to understand the feeling of trying to shake a lively lede outta a Brian Ford or enjoy a T. Thomas Edward Bell column on a daily basis. Or the thrill of dropping off boards at a printer in the worst part of town just to end up at the IHOP with your colleagues at 2 a.m. Ah, the good old days of daily ink.

  • With going to a weekly paper is there any chance of there bing a subscription service for former students? I’d love to get a weekly in the mail to keep up with everything..

    • Look in the right panel on this page to enter your email to subscribe. I’m an alumni who gets the email updates ;-).

  • When I saw the headline in my email, my heart dropped. You guys are big teases!!!

    All kidding aside, I am proud of the reporting in the university paper and am glad that it will continue on.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I’m happy with the new changes. Digital daily format allows faster news release, e-mail updates, hearing the voices of Coogs on articles through comments and polls, more pictures and videos, etc. Not too mention I see far too many print copies either not picked up, littered on UH grounds, or trashed and not properly recycled.

    Digital is definitely better but a print option once a week is great for those that must have a print version. Though I think it would be more ideal to have a new print version on Mondays rather than Wednesdays because it can give an overview of what’s to come that week, and a review of any sports events that usually happen near the end of a week.

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