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Lifestyle: Coogs Choose 2015 Winners

Best Screen Repair

Apple Store

Apple will repair models as far back as the iPhone 5 for $129, except for the iPhone 6, which will cost you $109 to get a new screen. Apple’s service is fast, with same-day repair if you go to the store and a 3-5 business day return if you send in your phone for service.

2nd Place: Best Buy

3rd Place: Cougar Byte

Best Bike Shop

Bike Barn

Bike Barn has everything you need for your ride. In addition to the wide variety of bicycles, Bike Barn offers cycling resources and showcases social bike riding events. You also won’t have to worry about finding a location, as Bike Barn is arguably the most popular bike shop around.

2nd Place: Bay Area Cycling

3rd Place: Blue Line

Best Off-Campus Apartment

the vue

The Vue

The Vue

The Vue provides top-of-the-line appliances and furnishings including gourmet kitchens, a flat screen television with cable and even private balconies and wood floors. You’ll find every amenity that comes to mind at or near this residence without the hassle of travel including Wi-Fi, computer center, tanning beds, fitness center and a dog park.

2nd Place: Cullen Oaks

3rd Place: Domain by Windsor

Best App for Students


Blackboard has made life easier for students on the go who don’t always have the time to sit at a computer and check their notes. The app notifies you when a grade has been posted, and it’s a quick way to look over notes on your phone before a test.

2nd Place: Yik Yak

3rd Place: Snap Chat

The Cougar’s Favorite: Best App


Have you ever been driving, wondering whether there’s a police car tucked in that ditch on the side of the interstate? Or maybe you’ve just been frustrated with Google Maps underestimating how much traffic there is on I-59.
Download the free, user-generated traffic app that lets you leave messages for other Waze users about traffic, dangerous potholes and hidden cops.
Its traffic updates and accident information are all updated in real-time and fueled by user feedback, so the app gives you more information about driving conditions than most satellite-driven GPS apps.

Best Tech Store

Best Buy

Best Buy has a huge array of appliances including TVs, computers, cameras, audio equipment, vacuums and even washers and dryers. With several locations around the greater Houston area, students shouldn’t have trouble finding a nearby location. In addition, Best Buy frequently offers sales, especially around the beginning of the semester, which is pretty clutch for a college student.

2nd Place: Apple Store

3rd Place: Cougar Byte

Best Auto Shop


Whether your car needs a new paint job, dent fix or major repair, Maaco has a long list of locations around Houston ready to assist. The company takes pride in its affordable and reliable paint process. In 2014, Maaco paired up with Uber so that the body shop’s customers can utilize special Uber deals while their cars are being restored, and Uber Driver Partners receive a discount on Maaco services.

2nd Place: Pep Boys

3rd Place: Apollo Paint and Body

Best Car Dealership

Sterling McCall Toyota

Though not all students may consider purchasing a new vehicle while under the monetary constraints of college, those who are looking can feel good turning to Sterling McCall.
“It’s an honor to be recognized by the students at the college,” said Customer Relations Manager Aisha Foster. “We are very big on taking care of customers. That’s the type of business we are, and we believe in customer service; we don’t just say it.”

2nd Place: CarMax

3rd Place: Russell & Smith Auto

Best Place To Buy UH Gear

UH Bookstore


UH Bookstore

With a new look for the Student Center, the UH Bookstore provides fresh new gear for Cougars of every age. UH-themed sweatshirts, workout gear, coffee mugs, pints, children’s clothes and more are available at the bookstore.
“We’ve been working really hard to be the best, we got some new gear, we’re expanding and it’s good to hear that our hard work is paying off,” said bookstore manager Jalisa Fisher.

2nd Place: Academy

3rd Place: Amazon

Best Place To Keep Fit

Recreation and Wellness Center

With free workout classes, an indoor track, 24,000 square feet of workout machines, treadmills and weight areas all for the swipe of your Cougar Card, this is a deal to take advantage of.

2nd Place: 24 Hour Fitness

3rd Place: S Factor

Best Slang

“Go Coogs!”

This modern Cougar call to arms is a great way to rally up campus spirit. You’ll hear it uttered like a spell at games and team-building events, and it’s become eponymous with being a proud UH student and proud Houstonian. Of all the social media tags that reflect Cougar Pride, #GoCoogs is one of the most popular.

2nd Place: “On fleek”

3rd Place: “YOLO”

Best Smoke Shop

Smoke Alley

Smoke Alley would be better designated as a head shop rather than smoke shop. With a varied collection of glass pipes, the premier item among other smoking tools, the store is a place to spend some time really thinking about your next pipe purchase. The prices are fair, so your hobby won’t break the bank.
Smoke Alley is like a boutique, delivering a sense of safety and cleanliness not found at other smoke shops.

2nd Place: BC Smoke Shop

“Coogs Choose” is a special section produced by The Cougar in collaboration with the Center for Student Media that spotlights students’ favorite places and activities around campus and Houston. Pick up the magazine at campus newsstands until April 22. 

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