Graduate School Guide

Want to stay a Cougar for grad school?

When it comes to graduate school, many look past UH for that second degree without looking at what it has to offer. As an energy hub located in the Space City that boasts tourists from all around the world, UH’s graduate degrees cater to what it’s good at.

M.S. in Foresight

College of Technology

The future is a far-away, fuzzy concept for most people — but not for those who apply and are accepted into the Foresight program. Students work toward becoming a professional futurist for companies ranging from energy to commercial firms like Coca-Cola. Graduates will be able to forecast and plan discontinuous and transformational changes by analyzing rapid alterations in external environments and how to shape actions for the most desirable outcome.

M.A. in Sports and Fitness Administration

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Lovers of sports rejoice, the Sports and Fitness Administration program is here to turn your childhood love to an adulthood career. Graduates learn the ins and outs of the sports world and take on a minor in order to specialize in one section. Career options include sports team management, event and facility management and sports media.

Master of Public Policy

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


The Master of Public Policy is perfect for people who want to get things done, and get them done right. The program focuses on analysis and decision-making using UH as a case study. Upon graduating, students can either take the next step in their education by enrolling in a doctoral program, or they can go work with local and state governments, educational institutions or private sectors.

M.S. in Human Space Exploration Science

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Houston, we no longer have a problem for those who dream of space. The Human Space Exploration Science program prepares students to understand and allow them to work in space exploration. The program has an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on bioengineering, habitat development and physiology.

M.S. in Global Hospitality Business

College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Travel, culture and experience are three of the main components of the Global and Hospitality Business program. The program is highly selective and prepares students for the hospitality business of different cultures and countries. Students start their first semester in Switzerland and their second in Hong Kong and the U.S.

M.S. in Subsea Engineering

Cullen College of Engineering

It makes sense that the world’s energy capital houses the country’s only subsea engineering program. The program focuses on the development of off-shore engineering for energy exploration and is offered mostly online. Graduates can look at job options in big energy companies upon graduation.

M.S. in Space Architecture

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture

The Space City continues to shoot for the stars with the world’s only Space Architecture master’s program. Although named after that big thing above the sky, the program focuses on the design of ocean facilities, polar research stations and human disaster accommodations.

M.A. in Creative Writing

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

As one of the top universities in this field, a master’s in Creative Writing gives avid readers and writers a way to build on that love and make money off of it. Graduates will have a better understanding of both published works as well as their own writing — many even come out with their debut novel almost done.

M.A.T. in Athletic Training

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

A master’s of athletic training is the perfect mix of medicine and sports, without having to go through a decade of schooling and thousands of dollars in tuition. From working with the elderly to working with world-class athletes, graduates will work to train and rehabilitate those who seek them out.

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