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Miss a final? Professors deal in different ways

As finals arrive, students may dream about missing or mixing up the dates for their exams. Should they find their nightmare become a reality, their professors may — or may not — get them out of the situation.

[tabgroup][tab title=”Andrea Eckelman”]Political science adjunct professor

IMG_7651“If it is a student who has shown a good effort throughout the course, I will give a makeup exam as quickly as possible. If it is a student who has not shown up to class I am much less lenient. Generally, these things are best dealt with on a case-by-case basis.”[/tab]



[tab title=”Frederick Schiff”]Communications professor

Schiff edits“Not very many students miss my finals to begin with. When they do, I try to work with them because I don’t like to see my students flunk just because they missed a test.”[/tab]




[tab title=”Nora Laos”] Architecture lecturer

nora-laos-web“By this time in the semester, there are many students who need to do well on this exam to salvage their grade so they show up. I don’t have a problem in my smaller seminar classes either. These are usually taken by students who want to be there, so they are responsible.” [/tab][/tabgroup]

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