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Thursday, May 6, 2021

From the Editor

Making up for lost time

Believe it or not, I’ve actually had some “off-days” during my tenure as editor in chief.

However, a day off from the office usually means a day on somewhere else.

On rare days off from the office, I typically make up for lost time in other areas of my life. My bed is where I typically prefer to spend this “free time,” but I can hardly afford to waste it there. Too much work to be done.

The extra labor comes in the form of schoolwork and time spent at the Houston Chronicle, my other place of employment. I try to take Wednesdays off from the Daily Cougar, thereby gaining the opportunity to start on schoolwork well before the early morning hours. Every now and then, I slip a nap in there.

My hours at the Chronicle don’t really take away from my responsibilities at The Daily Cougar. I work weekends at the Chronicle, returning to the Cougar on Sunday afternoons to start things all over again.

I’m a workaholic by nature, so this schedule works to my advantage. I’m able to stay on the move each day. There’s hardly a day that goes by when I’m not engaged in some kind of work.

However, I am still human. I crave my sleep like any other person. That’s why the rare off-days are essential to my well-being. And not just for health reasons, though those are just as important.

Without an occasional off-day, my academic career would probably be non-existent. I would never be able to finish any of my major assignments. I’d be lucky to get a D in any of my classes.

Essentially, I would forever be making up for lost time.

Take Care and God Bless!!!

Ronnie Turner

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