A-listers slam movie industry’s lack of originality, financing

A Huffington Post article on Monday stated that more and more Hollywood A-listers are looking into moving away from Hollywood’s current trend of CGI blockbusters, remakes and sequels.

According to the article, many stars have created their own production companies that aim to finance more independent films. It cites a recent actor roundtable conducted by Newsweek that features George Clooney, who said he was done with big budget Hollywood movies.

“I do films for scale and I go do coffee commercials overseas and I make a lot of money doing those so I get to live in a nice house,” Clooney is quoted as saying during Newsweek roundtable.

“I don’t rape the budget of a movie, we shot ‘The Ides of March’ for under $12 million, we shot ‘The Descendants’ for under $20, and if they make money, great… As an actor all bets are off if you need money,” Clooney said to Newsweek.

The HuffPost article also cites Robert Redford, who started the independent Sundance Film Festival, and Megan Fox among those A-listers who have recently taken to slamming robot action flicks.

Even James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, criticized his own films including the last installment in the Bond series, which he said lacked creative writing.

“You swear that you’ll never get involved with (stuff) like that, and it happens,” the HuffPost article quotes his as telling Time Out London.

George Lucas, who had a hard time finding financing for the film “Red Tails” that opened this past weekend, is also cited for his recent  criticism of Hollywood for the lack of finance for more thought provoking fare.

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  • "Now that I've made $300M, I must say I find the practices I used to make my money despicable. Give it back on principle? Surely you jest." – Hollywood Elites

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