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Letter from the editor: Joshua Mann — Editor in chief

Providing news coverage for a school like UH is a lot of things — exciting, challenging, exhausting — but it’s never dull.

The campus is always changing. Construction alone could fill the pages of every one of our issues — sports facilities, residence and dining halls, classrooms, the Metro light rail and the University Center are all under construction.

The Student Government Association under President Cedric Bandoh is restructuring its bylaws, the campus is on its way to becoming smoke-free and the organizations are rolling out their Collegiate Link website.

And those are just the obvious things; behind the scenes, money is moving, policies are changing and research is being done.

Even The Daily Cougar is changing; returning readers may notice our hip new look or the shiny new blog and calendar sections on our website.

And if you aren’t content with just reading, send us a letter or a news tip through or, if you’re a student, apply to write, draw, take pictures or edit for us.

There’s a lot going on, and the Cougar is dedicated to being the eyes and ears and voice of our university’s students, faculty and staff amidst all the change.

What follows is 56 pages of what we thought would be a good start to understanding the campus around you, so sit back, sip your coffee and read on.

—Joshua Mann, editor in chief

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