‘Pitch Perfect’ scores a high note with female cast

“Pitch Perfect” hits the mark with laugh-out-loud moments and quick, witty dialogue.

With the tagline “Get pitched slapped,” a well-chosen cast and several coined terms, it’s clear that Universal Pictures hopes this will be the next big hit and quotable movie.

Anna Kendrick shines as Beca, a college freshman who desperately wants to move to California and pursue a DJ career. While her rebel-girl character is somewhat stereotypical, she delivers a believable performance and gives her character life.

Kendrick’s voice is what really complements her though. It’s jazzy and sultry, which contributes strongly to the music’s refreshing blend of vocal talents. Her rendition of “Cups” is one of the movie’s highlights.

The soundtrack is infectious and recognizable, although most songs are noticeably in the typical glee group genre. However, there are some cool variations like the “No Diggity” performance featured in the trailer and the mash-up of “Just the Way You Are” and “Just a Dream.”

Regardless of the music style’s appeal, audiences will likely find themselves bumping their heads to the beat and singing along.

In terms of comedy, the film would have suffered without the addition of Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. Wilson’s breakout role in “Bridesmaids” showcased her talent with comic timing and deliverance. Her role in “Pitch Perfect” took complete advantage of this.

Wilson’s one-liners provide a majority of the funniest moments in the film and will leave audiences laughing. She even has a decent voice, a nice surprise for viewers who may be nervous after only seeing her in one-dimensional roles.

Aside from Fat Amy, there are several moments that will take audiences off guard, and it’s surprising how consistent the comedy is overall. The writing is phenomenal because even little things are delivered just right so it becomes hilarious.

However, the dramatic plot line does fall a bit short. As a movie that’s been advertised as a comedy, it should’ve been expected though.

The love story between Beca and Jesse, played by Skylar Astin, starts off genuine with moments one could easily picture two quirky people beginning a relationship to experience, but it quickly becomes cliché and underdeveloped.

Beca’s relationships in general are never fully explored, which is unfortunate because they are all set up to potentially make an impact and leave the film better rounded. She also has a lot of unresolved tension with her father, leaving audiences looking for closure.

Altogether, “Pitch Perfect” is a fun comedy that will probably surprise audiences with its humor and persuade them to download the film’s soundtrack afterward. Some new words may even slip into the general vernacular.

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